House Rules

Guest agrees to abide by the following restrictions by Owner (the“Rules”):
(A) Smoking is not permitted on the Property
(B) Pets are not permitted on the Property
(C) Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00AM (Sun-Thurs), 12:00AM to 8:00AM (Fri-Sat)
(D) Garbage must be placed in the proper receptacles. Garbage pick-ups are Thursday, Saturday,
and Monday Mornings. While inside, garbage must be placed in closed plastic bags and placed inside the large garbage pails that are provided (located in the pullout drawer directly to the left of the freezer). Outside, pails are kept in the garbage shed at the end of the walkway. Lids must be securely fastened in order to deter foraging animals and keep the streets clean.
(E) Recyclables are only collected on Wednesdays. Please separate recyclables (cans, plastic, and
glass bottles) from general garbage and place them in the designated RECYCLING BINS (blue
canister). Newspapers, Magazines, office paper, and cardboard should be flattened, tied in bundles and placed on top of the recycling can by the curb.
(F) During inclement weather, it is important to close all windows/doors and to cover the grill to
prevent water damage. Winds can get very high quickly and push rain into the house damaging property.
(G) Guests must lower the deck umbrellas during high winds as it will swing into the house and could cause damage to house or umbrellas.
(G) Please keep any music and outdoor conversations at a minimal volume so as not to be audible
by neighbors. This is particularly important during the evening hours. Suffolk County police will issue tickets for excessive noise. We may employ active noise detection technology to monitor excessive noise.
(I) Please respect the neighbors. Be aware that houses are close together and noise carries.
(J) Guest must close retractable pool cover when not in use and upon going to bed.
(K) Guest must remove hot tub divider after use and each night to maintain proper water filtration.
(L) Lock all bicycles and wagons while in town and at the home.
If any person in the Rental Party fails to follow any of the Rules, the Rental Party may be asked to vacate the Property and Guest will forfeit all rent paid.

Cancellation Policy

Guest may cancel the reservation at least three-hundred sixty five (365) days before the Arrival Date, and receive a full refund on the Reservation Deposit. If Guest cancels the reservation less than three-hundred sixty five (365) days but more than ninety (90) days before the Arrival Date, the Reservation Deposit will be refundable only to the extent that a new Guest can be found to occupy the vacated time reserved under this contract at the same total rate. If Guest cancels the reservation less than ninety (90) days before the Arrival Date, the Total Amount Due will be forfeited. We suggest guests purchase travel insurance (and ideally CFAR- Cancel for Any Reason) for peace of mind for their vacation investment.